Scheduled Maintenance on 10/06/2014 (June)

There will be a scheduled maintenance on 10/06/2014 between 03:00 and 06:00

We expect minor outages during the maintenance

28 מאי 2014
Scheduled Maintanence

There will be a scheduled maintanence on 29/09/2013 00:00 am on our network backbone, expected outage is no more than 30 minutes.

27 ספטמבר 2013
Scheduled Maintanence & Migration on Sunrise HyperVisor

All VPS Servers will be moved to new Fiber FC8 storage, expect outages till 03/May/2013 5PM

2 מאי 2013
Scheduled Maintanence on Sunrise HyperVisor

On the 16th of August, 2012 the Sunrise HypverVisor will be taken into maintanence for 5 minutes. It will happen at 20:59 GMT time zone.

Thank you for your understanding.


RackDC Support Team

16 אוגוסט 2012
Testing Attention Please !

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12 יולי 2012
New HyperVisor Available for signup



Our new HyperVisor sunrise is available for signups.

10 יולי 2012